Drilling Services of America

Drilling Services of America


DSA‘s supervisors have over 135 combined years of experience in all types of thru tubing operations working in conjunction with coil tubing units, snubbing (HWO) units, and drilling rigs.


Fishing & Motor Services

DSA specializes in a wide variety of jobs including remedial operations, workover, and plug & abandonment.

Jobs Include:

  • Milling barium and other forms of scale, cement, junk, and a wide variety of fills.
  • Milling out (open up) nipples or tight spots in tubing and casing.
  • Milling composite, aluminum, and cast iron bridge plugs, retainers, wiper plugs, ball valves, etc.
  • Fishing lost tool strings, wire / electric line, parted coil tubing, work strings, velocity strings, strip guns, packers, safety valves, screens, and debris.
  • Fishing all types of plugs and locks.
  • Open/close sliding sleeves.
  • Underreaming cement and fill.
Fishing Fishing